Member Portal

The CRCMining Member Portal provides Members with secure access to a repository of research papers, committee information and project information from anywhere, on any device, 24 hours a day.

Staff within our member organisations are eligible to access the Portal. Contact us to receive a username and password for secure access.

CRCMining’s Member Portal provides the following services to Members:

  1. A Committee Meeting Room for each committee that houses respective committee documentation in a secure, permission based manner.
  2. A Research Library of literally hundreds of research papers, patents, annual reports, newsletters, PhDs, project summaries and more for Members to reference and search.
  3. A Project Share Space for current project details to be referenced and in the future offer project collaboration between Members and project staff.

This Member Portal provides a world-class unified knowledge system that integrates the core functions of stakeholder, project, customer relationship management, geographical information and document management systems. The initial implementation does not utilise full functionality of this software and we have the opportunity to provide additional collaboration and tools in the future.

Member Secure Access

CRCMining Members are issued with a unique username and password to ensure that security protocols are maintained at project – and even down to document – levels. Handy Hints are made available to ensure our Members get the most out of the Portal.

Note to Members: Some project information is confidential to certain members, therefore occasionally you may find that not all research documents and project information is currently available. If you are looking for information that you cannot access via the Portal, please contact us directly and we will assist.

Members: We invite you to offer any feedback or comments to ensure we’re on target to providing our Members with a world-class Portal.

Training Documents

Opening the Member Portal

Using the Member Portal

Searching the Committee Meeting Room

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