Research Outcomes

Outcomes for Industry – Breakthrough technologies to improve mining productivity

CRCMining is the preeminent, industry-driven centre for global mining research and innovation.

CRCMining has had a significant impact on the mining industry, from its inception in 1991. From developing breakthrough technical solutions, to educating skilled PhD graduates with mining industry experience, CRCMining’s outcomes from innovative research activities are employed across industry today.

Developing New Solutions

CRCMining’s research is directed by our Industry Members and Partners, mining companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which means it is aimed at solving the major challenges for the mining industry.

This research often results in pioneering technologies, enabling new ways of doing things within the mining process, and providing both incremental and step-change improvements to the industry.

For more information see Breakthrough Solutions

Understanding Future Needs

To meet the needs of the future, the mining industry needs to innovate and change at all levels. Thought leadership is needed to understand the ramifications of these changes, things like the changing skills requirements due to the significant adoption of automation technologies.

CRCMining provides a capability to develop a discussion around future industry changes, and establishing a broad view of the ramifications.

Developing People

The mining industry needs highly skilled people to overcome grand challenges it is confronting. Skilled people with the capability to develop and implement new mining processes, new mining technology and equipment, and new methods of providing operation control of the mining value chain.

CRCMining provides the post-graduate qualification opportunities to the best graduates, within the mining domain, developing people with both advanced technical capability, and deep mining industry knowledge and understanding.

Over 90 PhD and Masters students have now graduated via CRCMining.

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Developing Industry Standards

CRCMining’s association of mining companies, mining equipment manufacturers, and universities provides a unique forum supporting the development of emerging standards for the industry.

CRCMining currently represents the industry in the developing Asset Management standard.

CRCMining’s  program has a major project developing the mining automation reference architecture (MARA). The project addresses the compelling need for a common plan that enables automation technologies from many providers to be integrated holistically into a mine-wide automation solution.

Building Knowledge and Understanding

A key outcome of any research program is knowledge. CRCMining research builds on mining’s knowledge base, to progress understanding in a range of key areas for the mining industry.

Our web hosted research library compiles over 20 years of CRCMining research, providing an ongoing reference source for members.

Members can access more information via our Member Portal

Applying New Methods

CRCMining has spent many years analysing mining operations, and ensuring the right equipment and methods are used for each individual operation. From investigating novel mass material movement systems, through to ensuring bucket designs are the right ones to consistently achieving the optimum fill factor.

CRCMining can advise you if you are:

  • Attempting to optimise truck shovel fleet material movement
  • Investigating novel mass material movement systems
  • Determining how to safely introduce automated technology, following an ISO61508 Functional Safety Risk Management approach
  • Understanding your mine power network quality constraints, and improvement potential