Structure and Governance

CRCMining structure and governance

CRCMining is a fully incorporated joint venture between industry and university partners.

CRCMining operates under the legal entity CMTE Development Ltd. All core participants in CRCMining are members of the company, which is limited by guarantee.

CMTE Development Ltd owns the intellectual property created in the course of CRCMining research activities, and is the entity that enters into research and commercial agreements with third parties to further develop and commercialise the outputs of the research.

Board and Committees

CRCMining is governed by a Board of Directors with three sub committees, the Research Committee, the Audit Committee and the Appointments & Remuneration Committee.

Board of Directors

The CRCMining Board of Directors sets overall policy, determines the strategic direction for CRCMining and oversees technology transfer and commercialisation activities through quarterly meetings.

In consultation with the Research Committee, the Board also directs the research focus of CRCMining. The Board is chaired by independent chairperson, Dr Laurie Hammond.

Research Committee

CRCMining’s Research Committee is a working committee on research and development, and meets quarterly. The Research Committee has four Technical Committees – one for each of the Centre’s Program Areas.

The objectives of this committee are to:

  • Develop new projects according to industry’s needs;
  • Review progress of ongoing projects;
  • Divert resources between projects dependent on progress;
  • Review annually the entire research portfolio; and
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on project research funding for each new financial year.

Audit Committee

CRCMining’s Audit and Risk Committee assists the Board in carrying out its duties in regard to financial reporting, risk management and legal compliance.

The committee is comprised of four non-executive directors, including the Board chair, and is chaired by an independent director who is a chartered accountant. The committee operates to Board approved terms of reference and charter. The committee meets three times a year.

Appointments & Remuneration Committee

The Appointments & Remuneration Committee is comprised of four non-executive directors, one of whom is the Board chair, who also chairs the committee. It meets as and when required and is responsible for reviewing the remuneration of all senior staff, recommending casual appointments to the Board when required, and recommending appointments to the boards of CRCMining’s subsidiary companies.

Executive Management

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports to the Board and is responsible for the Centre’s research and the education programs.

CRCMining structure

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