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Inside CRCMining – World-class mining research and solutions

A global leader in mining research and innovation

CRCMining is the preeminent, industry-driven centre for global mining research and innovation.

We operate differently to other research centres, with a proven track record of collaborating and partnering with leading mining companies, original equipment manufacturers and universities, to deliver transformational research and innovations that maximise mining productivity and enhance resource utilisation, safety and sustainability.

We are committed to developing highly-skilled people who will be future leaders that drive the adoption of new mining processes and technologies critical to the future success of the mining industry.

Two decades of industry-transforming innovations

Since 1991 CRCMining has engaged with industry leaders and world-class researchers to identify industry grand challenges and produce innovative solutions that drive industry performance across the world.

We have developed ground-breaking innovations that have significantly improved industry profitability, productivity and safety. We have focused on developing new and modified mining methods and processes, cutting-edge mining equipment, operational control of the mining value chain (short and long-term) and training highly-skilled people to drive the adoption of these innovations.

The Challenges

Over the coming decades the mining industry will face some of its most significant challenges, including growing commodity demand, declining productivity, specialised skills shortages, and declining availability of mineral deposits that are increasingly difficult to locate and extract.

CRCMining collaborates with its members to develop a strong industry voice with a clear common vision and strategy to tackle these industry-wide challenges.

Members can actively contribute in, and be the first to hear of, leading-edge and game-changing industry solutions.

Unique capabilities and connections

We form partnerships with member original equipment manufacturers and other industry service providers to ensure that research outputs deliver significant value to the industry through the creation of new mining technology and equipment.

Partners can commission or cooperate in independent or joint venture projects, allowing them to maximise the return from their investment, and achieve reach and capability greater than any individual research.

CRCMining has synergistic ties with a wide group of research providers, and the capacity to grow its research program through mutually beneficial agreements with Australian and international research bodies.

A critical mass of world-class innovators

Our people are drawn from many fields and backgrounds, including university researchers, and leading experts in the mining and related technology manufacturing industries. Our world-class researchers are highly experienced in understanding the needs of the Mining industry and collaborating with all the necessary stakeholders to achieve innovative and viable solutions.

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CRC Programme Transition 1 July 2014

CRCMining was established under the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Programme. The CRC Programme is an Australian Government Initiative. CRCMining is no longer receiving Commonwealth funding and is no longer part of or associated with, the CRC Programme.