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Solving industry grand challenges

CRCMining undertakes research to find solutions to industry-wide challenges, benefiting our partners and the global mining industry. By bringing together industry and research expertise, we are able to identify critical mining industry grand challenges and drive development of innovative and profitable solutions.

Benefits of Membership – Unique advantages for mining companies and OEMs

Our research shapes the mining industry

Our solutions speak for themselves: new and modified mining methods and processes, cutting-edge mining equipment, high-level operational control of the mining value chain, and highly-skilled experts actively working in the mining industry.

CRCMining collaborates with members, partners and investors, to ensure a high success in delivering high impact products or services from our research activities.

Additionally, our research process is structured to achieve our members’ long-term business needs, whilst identifying and delivering valuable industry outcomes along the way and ensuring the continued relevance of our research.

We strive to position our members for success, from solving key technical challenges to exploring and publishing thought leading information necessary to drive industry change.

We answer the industry’s most demanding questions

As the peak industry body, with an innovation network, we hone our members’ thinking and problem-solving skills. The Centre has created a significant body of intellectual property from past and current project work, and assembled a critical mass of highly competent people who are uniquely qualified to address key industry grand challenges.

Industry and University partnerships underpin our research

We partner with universities and mining companies to deliver real-world solutions on mine sites and equipment around the world. We bring together industry and academic thought leaders to collectively drive development of these solutions.

We develop industry-changing innovations that maximise industry productivity and enhance resource utilisation and sustainability

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