Member Benefits

Benefits of Membership – Unique advantages for mining companies and OEMs

Be at the cutting edge of industry innovation

CRCMining has a worldwide reputation for delivering excellence in mining focused research and related industry outcomes. We engage with our industry members to meet the future mining industry need to maximise mining productivity and enhance resource utilisation, safety and sustainability.

Benefits of Membership

Our members remain at the forefront of mining technology by:

  • Driving the direction of technology development through a common vision of the future of the industry and its innovation needs and solutions
  • Gaining an ongoing watching brief of a vibrant portfolio of technology development projects with the ability to engage with any of these technologies at any point during the development process
  • Funding of CRCMining research projects in order to participate during development of the particular technology and steer the technology for maximum benefit to your company
  • Gaining access to a wide range of world-class research engineers to solve specific problems directly with individual members or collaboratively with other members
  • Regular interaction with mining industry and OEM colleagues at meetings of the Board, Research Committee and Technical Committees to discuss innovation and technical issues

Members leverage investment for greater returns

By pooling resources, our members leverage their R&D investment and are able to conduct large-scale research projects addressing grand challenge issues that are often difficult to justify funding by individual companies.

The CRCMining model ensures that research projects are much more likely to be brought to a rapid, successful conclusion and trans¬ferred to, and adopted by industry through the benefits of parties working together. Research outputs are more likely to be development through to products and services by commercial parties if they see the R&D being supported by a collaboration of end-users.

Collaboration is at the heart of our work process: we engage with our members, actively seeking out their input and direction to deliver the right innovate solutions to the mining industry.

Exclusive access and advantages

Over the past two decades, CRCMining has developed an effective operating framework that solicits direct input of the technology needs of the mining industry from collaborative industry lead committees, combined with high quality research management focused on delivering effective outcomes to meet industry needs.

By involving our industry members in every step of our projects, their businesses are readily able to embrace and utilise our technologies.

Members can also take advantage of our research capacity individually, by joining with the Centre, other partners or independently commission projects targeted to their specific business requirements.
Members can access researchers’ talent across multiple disciplines and leading universities through the Centre without the need to establish separate agreements.

Members share the research and development risks, and develop a common technology vision for the industry that can be communicated to the industry. Our research vision for mining continually looks 10 to 20+ years in the future, with a focus of R&D activity in the 8+ year timeframe.

Become a CRCMining Member or Research Partner

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