Undergraduate Scholarships

Hands-on learning in mining research and technology

CRCMining Undergraduate Intern Scholarship and Vacation Scholarship positions are offered annually to talented students in their third year of Mining, Mechanical, Mechatronic or Electrical Engineering.

We offer students hands-on research experience, working with some of Australia’s leading engineering and technology researchers and academics.

Our projects allow students to be actively involved in designing, developing and implementing cutting-edge technology to improve the safety, productivity and environmental acceptability of mining worldwide.

Vacation Scholarships

Our Summer Vacation Scholarships run between November and February, for a period of 10 weeks. Applications are accepted between August and October.

Applicants must be in their third year of university, studying Mechanical, Mechatronic or Electrical Engineering.

Successful applicants will be employed on a full-time basis for approximately 10 weeks to conduct research under a scholarship from CRCMining during the summer university vacation. They will be based at either CRCMining’s head office at Pinjarra Hills or at UQ’s St Lucia campus.

The 2013 intake for Vacation Scholarships will open on 1 August and will close on 30 September 2013.

Remuneration will be approximately $500.00 per week, with no income tax assessable.

Undergraduate Intern Scholarship

Vacation scholarship students will be invited to apply for CRCMining’s Undergraduate Intern Scholarships. Successful applicants will be encouraged to undertake their fourth-year undergraduate thesis in an area relevant to current research projects within CRCMining (with the prior approval of your program leader), and will be supervised by a CRCMining researcher.

Contact will be regular, with full support from both teaching staff and CRCMining staff.

The undergraduate intern scholarship has a total maximum value of $5,000 per annum.


Students interested in postgraduate studies are strongly encouraged to apply.

Students are eligible if they:

  • are Australian citizens or permanent residents in Australia
  • are not under bond or committed in any way to an employer

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be assessed on:

  • a demonstrated sincere interest in pursuing postgraduate study
  • academic merit
  • personal interaction and communication (written and verbal) skills


To apply contact CRCMining Human Resources Officer email info@crcmining.com.au