Undertaking my PhD with CRCMining was a very worthwhile and beneficial experience. As a researcher I am very applied rather than theoretical, which was valued and supported with the Centre. CRCMining has done a lot of good work, including ACARP work, and the early work in sensing of rock properties for Rio Tinto was very good. The unique collaboration and networking model is high value for industry, as there is never one company that can do it all in any one program.
Fred Delabbio, Rio Tinto
General Manager Underground Innovation

Joining CRCMining was an excellent kick-start to my career. I developed a solid skill base which has helped fast track my engineering career with a major mining equipment manufacturer. I undertook my PhD on an industry-relevant research topic, with an industry sponsor and with the support of a competitive stipend. Through the course of my research I had the opportunity to present and have my work critiqued at mining conferences and conventions throughout Australia. I also had the opportunity to travel with a group of fellow students to a variety of mining operations thorough out Queensland, giving me practical exposure to different mining methods and the operational problems they experience.
Paul Siegrist, Joy Global
Principal Prognostics Engineer

I always had a strong attraction to the mining industry due to its scale and significance for the Australian economy. At university, I developed a strong interest in automation and control. The Graduate Automation Engineer program with CRCMining gave me the perfect opportunity to work at the cutting edge of technology and within the exciting mining context.
John Dudley BE (Mechanical), BA University of Melbourne
Automation Engineer

The challenges I’ve faced in the last two years have developed my technical and theoretical engineering skills beyond my expectations. I have gone on to start a PhD with CRCMining in automation. The CRCMining Graduate Automation Engineer Program is the best possible preparation I could have got.
Tyson Phillips BE (Mechatronic) UQ
Automation Engineer

The CRCMining Graduate program has been a great experience. In my time here, I have had the opportunity to work on two cutting edge mining technology projects, seeing them through from design to implementation.
Rajiv Shekhar BE (Electrical) UQ
Automation Engineer

The CRCMining Graduate Automation Program is a unique experience where an entry level engineer has the opportunity to work on BIG things. Working among experts in the field of Automation has motivated me to broaden my knowledge and apply a diverse range of challenges.
Alex Bewley BE (Mechatronic) University of Sydney
Automation Engineer

I spent an internship with CRCMining in 2008 when I was an undergraduate at TUE in the Netherlands. When I heard about the Graduate Automation Engineer Program I knew I had to come back to Australia. I had to be part of it.
Jelmer Slob MSc (Mechanical) & BSc (Mechanical) Eindhoven University of Technology
Automation Engineer